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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice


You have come to the right page if you want to know more about Yukon Advanced Optics' Information Privacy Policy. Yukon Advanced Optics is a privacy conscious global organisation and is strongly committed to your personal right to privacy. Find out how we from Yukon Advanced Optics protect your personal online privacy according to the European and international Information protection legislation.


Generally, a visitor need not register or give any personal identification to use this site. No software or hardware techniques are employed to capture a visitor's e-mail address or other personally identifiable information.


We only collect identifiable personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by a user to us. A visitor may Baby Dolls choose to become a user and provide information to register for ordering goods or services, being informed, or to apply to become a dealer. When a user provides this type of identifiable information to us, we use it solely for the purposes for which it was provided and secure your information as required by law. The user may at any time revoke his consent to the processing of personal Information; Yukon Advanced Optics will take all necessary measures to ensure that such a request is immediately carried out.


Here are our core principles on Personal Information Privacy which apply for Yukon Advanced Optics Europe internet activities:


·         Where visitors choose to provide us with a name, e-mail address or other information they become customers and Yukon Advanced Optics keeps all such response confidential, following these principles.

·         Yukon Advanced Optics will use your information solely for the purpose for which it was provided, given your allowance.

·         We will only use and disclose your information in accordance with your permission.

·         We do not collect, process or store personal Information of infants, minors or persons without capacity to contract, unless the respective legal guardian has consented.

·         We do not give your personally identifiable information to advertisers.

·         We will not sell or rent your private information to third parties.

·         We use secure technology and privacy protection programs to keep your information secure at any time on our servers.


Communication and Tracking (Cookies)


For better communication via the Internet Yukon Advanced Optics sometimes uses small text files (cookies) remembered by your browser according to its settings, so that you can navigate through our Web site easier. We also use this technique where appropriate, to keep track of page views and to personalise your communication with Yukon Advanced Optics. We implement some of these cookies through our server technology on your storage device. The use of cookies is now standard procedure for most Web sites, however if you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, change your browser settings to opt-out of receiving cookies. This however, may limit your ability to interact with Yukon Advanced Optics Web sites.




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